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Traders can use our pivot points calculator to calculate the pivot points, resistance and support levels of today's trading from the high, low and close of the previous day. We provide free training on how to use all of our tools and services.

Using our Fibonacci calculator will enable you to calculate the potential support and resistance retracement levels in the trend you are currently following. We provide free training on how to use all of our tools and services.

A trading specialist will provide free training on all of our tools and show you how you can use them to profit once you have funded your trading account.

View years of historical volatility data from a whole range of trading assets and attempt to predict the future volatility of an asset and profit from market volatility like a pro using our advanced volatility charting tools.

Historical volatility is an indicator that shows price volatility. The instrument graphically represents dynamics of a price change expressed as a percentage. The ratio is derived by using a closing price of the previous trading period. The higher the ratio, the higher was volatility of a trading instrument.

How to use

In the "Chart value range" field, type in your required range. "Chart value range" means a time period for which data is going to be processed. In the "Period" field, type in your required timeframe. For example, for the Chart value range that equals 14, the chart will show the history of a price change of the instrument for the last 14 weeks. For the Period with a (the) value of D1, the chart will show data where each step is equal to one day.

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