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Frank - Trust is earned, not given

Frank is a trading enthusiast who was looking for a broker to trade Forex. He came across us interested in the conditions that suited his investment amount. We had a chat with Frank and he explained that he’s only interested in trading with our conditions. We obliged as requested, but we tracked his trades just in case. What alarmed us was that the client was losing chunks of his investment every time he traded. One time he almost lost all his money, so we decided to call him. Fortunately, Frank picked up, he heard out his account manager and hedged his trade to avoid any losses. We advised him to take the education so that even if he wants to trade by himself he can at least be successful at it. He gave it a chance and often had discussions with his account manager. In the mean time we proposed him to use our signals to generate income. He wasn’t very fond of the idea of trading on someone else’s recommendations, but decided to try it out, at least to compare results from his previous and unsuccessful way of trading. We gave him a basic overview of the strategy he should implement on the signals and he was good to go. Some months passed and with joint efforts of both parties we managed to turn the hundreds left to his name into a bit over a couple of thousand, regaining his initial investment and actually turning in a decent profit. Time passed, Frank went through hours of trading education and at present he’s one of our VIP clients, consistently making profits all on his own.

Ameera - From SuperMom to SuperTrader

Ameera is a loving wife and mother of two, living in Saudi Arabia. Ameera spent her days as a housewife, but after the real estate crisis (her husband’s field of work) the family had problems with a stable income. Ameera heard about IFA-FX through a friend of hers who has been trading with us for years. She had heard about trading, but never tried it. Thinking of how to help her family out, she decided to invest in the currency market. We helped her open an account and get started. She found out that trading is actually very fun and interesting and could not only help her pass the time while the kids were at school but also help her family in the process. In little over a month, Ameera added more than $2000 to the family bank account and even her husband started trading with us. “Thank you for helping out our family”- said Ameera to our correspondent.

George -Keeping it simple

We had a client a while back- we’ll call him George. George read a lot about Forex and though that the more complex the better. He used charts, waves, news, indicators and everything in between, but nothing seemed to work. Problem was George never started from the simpler stuff. George expected that reading through the high-end trading strategies would yield him the best results, but little did he know that such was not the case. George is one of many traders that overcomplicate their strategies and trading just for them to backfire because of a little miscalculation. We referred him to our education department and as it turned out George was really lacking in the basics- Risk/Reward, MT4 usage and setting up pending orders. He had almost full knowledge of Elliot Waves and Fibonacci, but didn’t know how to set a pending order to use them. We taught George the KISS (Keep It Simple and Stupid) and pushed him to try trading the easy way. A week later George was trading for 15 minutes per day and was achieving close to 60% better results in half the time and effort than the month prior. Conclusion: Complex doesn’t always equal better.

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