IFA-FX user review

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Chris Bassett
It’s OK. Nothing out of the ordinary. Standard features and a standard trading platform. Customer support guys were polite and helpful as they should be, but nothing special. Signals are a feature which they offer and other clients seem to enjoy that, but I personally trade on my own system so I didn’t need more than half of the things they offer. Standard deposit and withdraw policies. Decent broker, will change my rating if the service is consistently like it is currently.
Akebo Ovuevue
I am very happy with the service of IFA-FX. They give 1 month free features to try, I really wanted more time to use tools, but I had to make deposit. Everything is for good though, since I invest 200 and now I make over double that every month! I even tell my sister and we both get bonus.
Samuel Becker
So, as a trader I was interested in the account conditions, the platform and server stability. I have over 40 trading account in brokers worldwide so fast executions of orders is a big deal for me. I was very pleasantly surprised when I noticed no latency issues when placing orders or when waiting for pending orders to kick in. The dashboard which is the heart of your account is filled to the brim with features (some more useful than others) which in my 10+ years of trading I’ve never seen for a Premium account, let alone a standard account. For now though 4 stars is enough – not all the dashboard features area must use and the withdraw process is what you’d expect - 72 hours in waiting time. All in all, I think of transferring some of the funds from my others accounts here to test out the company with bigger investments and not just 5000$.
Damian Benioff
It is good company. Very impress with support team. I did withdraw after first trading day, but my ID picture was no good, so they call me and tell me I need better picture to take my money, I send picture and in 3 day I get my money!

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